Every 77 years there is a great president, says the old saying.  You start with Washington and then you have Lincoln 77 years later. Then FDR, I guess (can’t win ‘em all). Then you go 77 years and now we have George W. Bush.

Clearly, the Republican’s have no viable candidate for the ‘08 presidency (yet). Mit Romney practically supports socialized medicine. John McCain, aside from being old, sides with the Democrats on far too many issues to even consider him a conservative. Right now, the best hope for a Republican presidency is, you guessed it, George W. Bush.

But what about those tricky term limitations, you ask? Here’s a few things I can see happening in the next few years:

  1. The Dems pull troops out of Iraq and cause a civil war in that country. Gas prices skyrocket.
  2. The Dems fail to impeach Bush.
  3. The Dems try to abolish the 2nd Amendment completely.
  4. The Dems create windfall taxes on oil companies and gas prices skyrocket.
  5. The Dems, after numerous backfires with their ridiculous legislations and attempts to take away our rights, look to past quarrels instead of keeping with their “progressive” ideology. They abolish the 22nd Amendment to “get back at” the Republicans who imposed term limits after the F.D.R. reign. Ultimately, they’ll do the opposite of the Republican Party’s “Contract with America.”

They will argue that term limits are “undemocratic.” They will argue term limits result in lack of skilled politicians. They will argue term limits give power to lobbyists and special interest groups. It will work to our advantage.

The Republicans and the American public need strong leadership and experience. The American public does not want wolves in sheep clothing.

That’s the main difference between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans want to add rights to the constitution (an abortion ban and a flag burning ban), whereas the Democrats want to take away our constitutional rights. But their stomping and spitting on the constitution will create a great political opening for America’s next great President.

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The next great President

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